Para Vidya Gurukulam
The Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam & Research Institute
Mavuthampathy, Navakarai,
Coimbatore,Tamilnadu, India -641 105

News and Events

Classes Start: 22 June 2018

Indic Sciences Seminar: 20 July 2018

Parents as First Gurus: 22 July 2018

Welcome to Para Vidya Gurukulam

With the blessings and guidance of Padma Shri Dr. P R Krishnakumar - Founder, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Para Vidya school is a joint offering from Anaadi Foundation and The Ayurvedic Trust. PARA stands for Parama Atma Rahasyam Academy. Para Vidya: School of Indic Wisdom is a unique residential Gurukula style school that offers Indic wisdom with contemporary relevance. Aimed at creating dynamic, vibrant, socially conscious and evolved individuals, the Gurukula offers a wide playing field for children to learn and explore various dimensions of Indian Knowledge right from Sanskrit, Classical Music, Indian Sciences and Art Forms. The school envisions creating future leaders who have reverance for Indic traditions and can take the learnings forward on a global scale.

Classes commence on 22 June 2018. Admission starts at Age 4. Students will be admitted through traditional selection processes.


The program is aimed at creating vibrant students that are:
  • Rooted in Indian tradition and can apply these principles in the modern world
  • Healthy, Happy and Fulfilled
  • Socially conscious and can act with dynamism to solve problems
  • Effective decision-makers and leaders
  • Connected to the culture of the land
  • Who can quickly adapt to diverse situations

Curricular Content

Para Vidya offers adopts an Indic approach to the blossming of the Body, Emotion and Cognition. The curricular components include:


Children will be exposed to spoken and written Sanskrit. Taught by trained Acharyas, children will learn to read, write, speak and appreciate Sanskrit literature. They will also learn a wide range of Ithihasa and Purana


Right from the start, children will gain knowledge of Indian Mathematics- Ganitha shastra, Astronomy- Jyothisha, Health System-Ayurveda and Marma that they can take forward as career options in the future.


Art education balances both the righ and left hemispheres of the brain. The Indian tradition has always laid emphasis on learning a variety of arts. Students at Para Vidya will learn Kalari, Classical Dance and Music and other art forms through trained acharyas.


Play and sports ensure that children build a robust body and mind. The Para Vidya educational model allows lot of time for play and sports in the formative years of childhood.

About the Organizations

Anaadi Foundation

Founded by Shri. Adinarayanan and Smt. Smrithi , Anaadi Foundation is a Socio-spiritual organization dedicated to Self-Unfoldment of individuals . Anaadi in Sanskrit means "beginningless". Anaadi Foundation offers a platform where those connected with us can experience their beginningless nature and lead a life of happiness, fulfillment and selfless service. Based on core Indic principles and values, Anaadi offer programs catering to a diverse audience. Education, Culture, Well-being and Sustainability are the key focus areas at Anaadi Foundation

The Ayurvedic Trust

The Ayurvedic Trust (AVT) is a public charitable trust established by Arya Vaidyan P. V. Rama Variar along with P. S. G. Venkatasamy Naidu in 1950, The trust has made a scientific impact on the course of Ayurveda with an initiative to scientifically study efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment in Rheumatoid Arthritis along with Indian Council for Medical Research and World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1980s.This was a path breaking moment in Ayurveda with a rigor to study Ayurveda scientifically.The activities of the trust although are multi-fold, right from spiritual to full fledged scientific researches is centered to health care. The trust runs temples, hospitals, training Centres, Ayurveda Colleges, Research Centres and other philanthropic health centered establishment. The activities of the trust is centered at the headquarters of the trust known as the Ayurvedic Trust Campus.


Padma Shri Dr. P R Krishna Kumar is the founder of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Research Foundation. He is the Chancellor of Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore. Spiritual, traditional and revolutionary, Krishna Kumar ji has brought in tremendous innovation in blending ancient Indian health systems with modern medicine. He strongly believes that only a scientifically validated Ayurveda could achieve global acceptance and has taken significant steps in fostering a culture of research in his organization. As a great motivator, he always prefers the company of keen students. In this way, he continues his untiring pursuit of imparting education as he thinks fit.With his matchless zeal, he is actively involved in supporting various culture and value-based organizations.The Govt of India honored him in the year 2009 with the prestigious ‘Padmashri award’

Adinarayanan, founder, Anaadi Foundation is a Tapasvi and visionary teacher. With a decade of teaching and research experience at Amrita University, he co-founded Anaadi Foundation for societal well-being. He has an MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University and was with the Software Industry before moving into academics. He has reached out to more than ten thousand students through his Computer Science, Yoga and Cultural Education based courses and programs. He has spent more than 100 days in Mouna Tapasya for the well being of all.

Smrithi Adinarayanan is the co-founder of Anaadi Foundation. She was formerly an Edtech and Cognitive Science researcher at CREATE Labs and a Faculty member of the CSE Department at Amrita University. She has an MS in Information Systems from University at Buffalo, USA and Amrita University. Before moving to Amrita, she was with Infosys Technologies, Bangalore. With a rich experience in teaching and research, Smrithi has inspired several teachers and students through her insights on the teaching and learning process. In 2015, she was at the University of LAquila, Italy as Visiting Professor. A regular practitioner of Yoga and a technology enthusiast, she blends meditation, technology, humor and stories in all her sessions. She devotes her energies in designing the various initiatives and programs of Anaadi Foundation.

Interested in Enrolling your Child?


Para Vidya school is scenic campus located at Navakkarai. Navakarai, situated in the hill city of coimbatore is located between Madukarai and Walaiyar in the Coimbatore-Palakkad highway. The Boluvampatti ranges of the Western Ghats descends into a scenic lush green zone which has managed to keep the serenity pure and intact, escaping the changing tides of time. Graced by the presence of Chottanikara Devi and Guruvayoorappan this place reflects divinity in its true sense. The atmosphere allows kids to blossom both in-ward and out-ward in the lap of nature and the embrace of in-house acharyas.